It seems that whenever we get together for a party or an event we always end up standing around
the bikes & getting drunk. With that in mind, and the fact that working a vendor booth sucks ass,
we're just going to have some fun. There'll be no bullshit celebrity builders, no bike trophies to
hand out, and no dude with a microphone yapping all goddamn day. We will have some raffles,
camping, food & beer, although you're welcome to bring your own. Friday night will just be pretty
chill. We'll head down the road to the Valencia Club and take over the back portion of the bar like
we did last Halloween. Saturday we'll have a breakfast/bar run ($9) down old 49 and visit some of
the old mining town bars, and dinner back at the campground. If you want to test your skills
consider spending the day taking on Mosquito Ridge Road-it's a favorite with the rice rocket guys.

Who's welcome to join?...anybody that's fun to be around and is into bikes OR has big tits but not
an annoying laugh. Although this is geared around those of us that like to build our own rides, we
won't boot anybody unless they're being a douchebag. Any bike that is being polished during the
weekend may become a public urinal - so please be aware.
~ the end ~
Sierra Nevada, Stella Artois, Dos Equis Lager - yup, GOOD STUFF!
The starter booze, pretty
much doubled this by nightfall.
Breakfast at the
HonkyTonk beer garden.
We always get drunker at the pre-party.....
All in all, we killed almost $1000 in booze including
the 3 good kegs, and there's more bottles that got
tossed before the lineup - with some high end stuff!
This is just what was still around on Monday.
Here's Casablanca on a 30' screen, the back of my shop.
...the back yard...
...the front yard...
  the Philo Beddoe Family Reunion 2012
is in the planning stages. Possible sponsors can
email me at .