Things that are just stupid:
1)putting on leathers to go 5 miles to the "cool" burger place
2)putting on chaps during the
summer,to go 5 miles to the "cool" burger
3)having your shirt match your jacket,which matches your chaps,that
matches your boots and gloves,then pull out a "H-D" cap when you take a
break from your 5 mile ride
4)acting like you're cool or tough because you can spend 20+K
5)...."factory custom"....
6)any man who wouldn't let his woman have a lesbian fling
7)any woman who would do that and not show me pics or tell the detail
8)middle-aged-professional-white-male walking around in a
'do-rag'....what the...?...he drove his BMW to the bar!
9)a closet of "live to ride" crap and about 37 miles on the bike...'scuse
me...the "Harley-Davidson" in the garage
10)calling a $60,000 custom bike a chopper,it probably isn't
11)my best friend always giving me shit about the 'Black Widows' in
"Every which way but loose"...them's ma' boys!
12)Marlon Brando in "The Wild One"
13)Lakers fans that have never lived in L.A.
14)most cops
15)bikes full of webbing.yes,it's fuckin' old already
16)people in CA wearing OCC because it's local
17)a 300 series tire on a bike dubbed "old-school"
18)the fucking term "old school...'ol skool" it has lost all meaning
19)chopper magazines that have a policy of no nude women
20)using hand signals when you have blinkers
22)Discovery Channel's slow murder of the chopper
23)assemblers who think they are master builders
24)pot bellied strippers,do a fuckin' situp please
25)bikers + religion....please
26)dipshits...HOG rallies...stock bikes and attitudes!!!
27)all you queerbaits out there going out of your way to
look and act like a scumbag because it's "cool" WTF?
28)people who don't let you merge onto the freeway and
can't understand why bikers are such assholes
29)you motherfuckers and cunts that drive with a cel
phone in your ear.Come on,at 7am,who really wants to hear
your voice?If you are thinking to yourself "I'm very alert
when I talk on my cel while driving" you aren't.
You are simply less aware than you realize.fuck you.
30)flat black paint,red wheels,white didn't look
good then,it is shit now.Have some imagination please.
31)softtail bikes with seat springs.softtails already suck
Please remember that these are only my opinions.I do not ask that you agree,because I don't care.
Things that are cool:
1)apparel from whatever small shop that you
admire or support,not just trying to fit in with
what's cool on tv
2)people who help others when there's
trouble,and not act like an asshole on two
3)Lee Marvin in "The Wild One" ,I really liked
that guy.Hell,he was good in everything
4)any Eastwood movie except
"Bridge's over
Madison County"......why?....why?...
5)a bike that the rider built or modified
6)a bike built from an idea,not a picture
7)motors that bleed,nothing beats real iron
8)me winning the lotto
9)wild carb setups,even if they never run right
10)short exhaust,long exhaust,anything but
11)women you know experimenting with
another woman,and telling you about it(or has
...yes,I have issues!!!..and I love it!!!
12)cops that give warnings
14)the look on someones face when you take
these tools to a perfectly good bike
15)Doug Christie bitch slappin' Rick Fox
16)after all the years,Indian Larry still built        
real CAN be done!!!!
17)Dudes that can visualize something
wicked,and make it happen
18)Hand signals because you have no blinkers
19)no panties,no bra,half drunk bitch
21)"Build-or-Bust",except with Jesse Rooke
22)Me finally on my own,with my own parts
23)My buddies puttin' up with my shit,lettin' me
owe them money for months on end
24)Orangutans that smack bikers
25)the Black Widows,my boys!
26)strippers who care about their appearance
27)strippers that go down on my wife
28)seeing my parts on someone elses bike