We all live in the same world and can pretty much relate to all the bullshit that we have to deal with in life. I have
chosen a path that makes me happy but forever broke...and I'm good with that. For those that have any interest in
what the future holds for AHC here it is-

~ If this house goes through I will spend much more time on the road, exploring this continent. Lois (mi puta) is
going to school so she can quit her job and join me for months at a time on the road. Once we get something put
back in the retirements she can p
ursue a career of her choosing with hours that are likewise.

~ I will spend much more time on product developement with a few things that have been in the drawing book for
years now, even bagger shit if the idea is good. I've been making BBQ's and having fun with that...it ain't all about

~ my parts will stay available through AHC and just a few others, I have no plans to
ever make catalog parts
(maybe the bagger parts).

~ I will make custom one off parts and post them up....made as inspiration hits. I like the idea of selling one-off
modified versions of my products or even a few of the same thing but keep it with micro runs made by hand.
There's just something about having a part on your bike and knowing that there's only ten in the world like it.

~ the show circuit....that's still for debate. This year I will be at the SOE. If I can travel the country and sell a few
parts to help pay for gas & tequila then I'll dig it. I don't think I'll do too many booth's anymore, just ride in & set
up camp. I dig meeting good people but loathe the assfucks that are from the wrong crowd and prove it by opening
their mouth.

~ write a book...?......we're planning a 2 month road trip around the states and if we can take notes & get a good
camera maybe it's something of interest to a few dudes out there. I love great scenery, food, and the many great &
not so great people that you remember long after you've parted ways. This is an amazing country with so many
differences across the land that it could be a dozen different countries. 5 years ago I got the opportunity to start
exploring and I've loved it more each year. Some dudes have been doing this all their lives so it's nothing new, just
new to those who have never made it happen for themselves. I think I'll have to use 'fuck' & 'shit' less to get a book
published.....I'll look into that. I'm probably waaaay to lazy to make this a reality.

Whatever happens, happens. This is my 2-5 year plan and as long as getting a full time job and paying a mortgage
doesn't happen I'll be fine. Is it white-trashy?....I don't think so, just a simpler way to live with real adventure &
living to the fullest. I'm almost 40 with nothing to show for it except a broken down body and a good wife that
supports this lifestyle.