Here's what my oil tanks look
like when they're all done!
These lights won't
work with the sticky
backed LED clusters. If
you get one just peel
the double sided tape
off and it'll fit.  I'll try to
only ship the clusters
without the tape.
Kaylee, my #2.
Tiny Tit's ~ not as shapely, just as sexy!
Alright then, here's the latest from my bag 'o tricks. This
tiny light has the same insides as the Titmouse with a
smaller retaining ring. It's an LED running/brake light as
are all my lights and is even smaller than previously
thought possible without the assistance of alien
technology. These are fucking perfect for sissy bars or
when you want a small tight that blends in nicely on
your bike. These are hand turned and limited to the stock
on hand.
Prices are shipped in the US.  The computer will show
shipping but you won't be billed.
Cro Custom's
TM ~ TT comparison
 Welcome to the 'Tonk, the original home of After Hours Choppers since 2005. Now that
I have a legit site for all the eggheads & bankfucks, I can keep this around and just have
a good time. Yeah, I can do a blog, but this is how I've met so many good people over
the years and it's worth keeping around for a bit longer. I might even have some specials
on parts that can only be found here, time will tell.
                                        The new site is great ~ but this is home.