These grips were
supplied by the
customer,my bro
Martin from DED.
I built these bars for my ride to the Smoke Out West.With a
little tweaking I think I will make a few sets and put them up for
sale.They are absolutely wicked,and very narrow for such tall
bars.If you don't have the nutz to handle 'em,don't order 'em.
I am still working a few things out,but they are pretty labor
intensive due to all the....well,the work!
smoke out bars    -           
 $225 plain
These are my "Pina" bars.These bars are narrow by
design,be sure that's what you want.I designed them
primarily for Sporty's and smaller bikes.They are by far
the most comfortable bars I've ever ridden.
I am hoping to make a number of sets and have them
powdercoated.Check back soon.
$100 plain
Here are my new favorite bars.These are low and mean,and handle like a dream!!!
They are based on the old board track racers from the 20's-30's,and give a whole new
look to a bike.They are kicked downward so your wrists will not bend awkwardly.Hotrod
bikes are back!You want "old school" ?...goddammit here's your fu#*ing old school !   -     
boardtrack bars       -      $100 plain
~ EDR bars- $185 ~
these are narrow with a slight kick  
 forward & out.