...if you look close I believe the time is
about 9:45.....fuckin' light-weight!
....just cool shit here....this is a bigass page!
This is the worlds most expensive trophy.
Q) ok,here's the skinny.I know you see the great set of
hoo-hoo's but what else?...
A) the studmuffin in the back with the leather hat(like
the ones worn by Trish Stratus)is her boyfriend and is
holding her purse while 50 guys snap pics of her rack!  
It turns out that he's protective of the purse because his
testicles are in it!...yeah she's fine,but.......no,no,no!!
This is the worlds coolest tap
handle.The bars are stainless
with brass grips.Brass body and
aluminum "headlamp" assembly.
* built by ahc*
check out these pipe tips
from Cycleholic.he makes
some baddass bars,too
me,Murray,Phil,and a baddass wall
This is what the EDR is all about !

Holy SHIT! I found this on an online Urban Dictionary....really!!!

#1.  bagger     
An extremely ugly woman; a woman that you would only have sex with if a bag were
placed over her ugly ass face. just replace woman with bike,sex with ride!
#4.  bagger  
a fart trapped in a sleeping bag, or under blankets  
# 9.  bagger    
Form the root TEA BAG. A person who receives teabags from people when they are
drunk....but we know the drunk thing is a cover up!  
#11.  bagger
It has different meanings but in the whole it means that something is shity or uber
1: Being verbaggerd; being really really really drunk.
2: Aanbaggeren; or better known as aankloten means that you do absolutly nothing useful to
3: Something's bagger; something is really bad(an F for an exam) or disgusting(puke).
#12.  bagger  
Is short for the commonly used term,dousche bag, or someone who is a terrible
person, and  should be kicked in the balls, or punched directly in the ovary.