project$ page
This is a shot of the hardtail
that I spend most of my
time on.This baby handles
well and can handle any hard
throttling that I may dish out.
...This is a wicked
take on an old
Indian girder.
George from
Spartan and I
(mostly George)
have been working
on this fucker since
we were young,and
she's finally done.
...Worth it?You
bet your 'ol lady's
low tolerance to
...Like the Spartan
frame,this is a one
of a kind part that
is absolutely
these babies will get welded,painted and wrapped.nothing
goes with a long bike like short pipes!
      2006 883 XL4Q   -    " Clyde"
Here is the first attempt at making the
stock frame rigid using the main
swingarm bolt,it didn't work.
My faithful Clyde.He got me to the
Smoke Out West and back.Hopefully
He'll get together for the El Diablo Run.
Yet another stumbling block.Goddamit
can't anything work right?!?!?
Clyde's new legs
Here's my bro Matt from
DicE Magazine's new
shovel.Those risers are
fucking sweet!