Byer Parachute Traveler
Hammock. Measures 54" x 84"
flat. Ultra light parachute
nylon construction. Integrated
storage sack. Holds maximum 250
lbs. Weighs 11 oz.
I've been using multiple flashlights, especially Fenix lights for the past 5 years and I've been to numerous booths
and talked with reps for plenty of brands. The Quark line up can't be beat for my (and your) dollar. These lights
are tough and bright, and the prices are very reasonable. I carry a flashlight pretty much every day and I find
myself missing it when I don't. Even during the day I use it for checking the inside of machined surfaces, welds,
motors, when I drop shit under the work bench...whatever. They're not just for night time by any means.
Microfiber Suede Towel. Size: X-Large (35" x
62"). Ultra-compact micro-suede fabric - holds
5 times its weight in water. Includes
convenient hanging loop. Dries fast - hand
wringing removes 90% of water. Velvet-soft
microfiber - gentle on your cock & balls. Full
sized towel performance without the bulk!
Pack down to the size of a paperback book
that fits easily into a backpack, travel pack
or luggage. Deluxe mesh storage bag with
accessories pocket included.
These are incredibly nice to have after a dip
in the lake or a shower at the truck stop.
Advertising is a real bitch these days. I'd appreciate any help passing the word about
the GTFO line and if you've got a blog and don't mind, post it up for me. The more I can
afford to stock the better if you're ever looking to get geared up before a trip.
                             Thanks ahead of time.
These are new items, for
the price of the knife you
get a free flashlight
without breaking the bank!
This little fucker is pretty
cool. It'll hold 8oz of
whatever you're passing
around and night and will
hold up to steaming hot
coffee the next morning.
This is a BADASS knife! . . . and under $50!  
*personal favorite*
Trioxane burns clean and
hot, packs easily and
compactly. These mil-spec
heat tablets will heat
military rations, camp
foods, and will even boil
water. Put some in your
survival kit as a quick,
reliable firestarter. One
box of three tablets that
are 1.25x1.75" and are
sealed in water-proof foil.
Great for use in folding
camp stoves, Esbit stoves,
or as a fire starter.
Military surplus.
Byer Smart Rope Hammock Hanging System.
Allows you to hang your hammock with ease
from a tree, a corner of your house, porch or
RV. Simply wrap the rope around the support
and thread the adjuster through the loop in
the rope. Attach the included snaphook, and
adjust to length as needed. Provides
approximately 6ft. of adjustment. No tools
length overall - 6 13/16", blade length - 2 7/8"       
blade steel - 8Cr13MoV,  G10 handle
The Byrd line is a product of Spyderco's idea to put out a
more affordable knife while still offering a great product.
length overall - 7 7/8", blade length - 3 1/2"    
  blade steel 8CR13MOV , G10 handle
The Byrd line is a product of Spyderco's idea to
put out a more affordable knife while still
offerin a great product.
The new byrd BY20 Wings is a
medium sized folder with a  
hollow-ground 3- 3/8" of
serrated cutting edge. The
Sheepfoot’s rounded tip has no
point, suiting it well for
puncture-free cutting. The second
blade is a clip-point shape,
hollow-ground with 3-3/8" of
plain edge pocketknife. Each
blade locks open independently
with its own side-by-side
LinerLock that is jimped.
The new Wings SLIPIT is a non-locking folder
with 2-1/4 inches of serrated cutting edge. The
Sheepfoot’s rounded tip has no point, suiting it
well for puncture-free cutting. The second blade
is a Drop-Point plain edge blade also with 2-
1/4” inches of plain edge cutting surface for
intricate and precise cutting.
Each blade is made from 8Cr13MoV stainless steel.
blade: 3 1/2"   overall: 8 1/8"   thick: 3.5mm
weight: 4.5 oz.    steel: Japanese AUS 8A stainless
In my opinion this is Cold Steel's best EDC offering.
The blade comes out smooth and snaps into place
firmly, and has a very practical blade shape. It is
extremely comfortable and will hold an edge nicely.
The Model 1 features a 4-way clip
position, heavy-duty open post
construction, razor-sharp AUS-8 blade,
full flat grind, reversible thumb stud,
precision pivot screw, lanyard hole, and
ergonomic handles.
This is a large, strong folder. There's
just about nothing this knife won't
handle well.    *Assisted opening*
Blade Length 4" x .135"  Overall Length  8.75"
Weight 4.3 oz.       Steel  VG-10
This is a flagship knife from SOG. The action is
smooth as silk, just a light flip of the wrist
will open the blade. This is a great tactical
folder and is light to carry.
length overall  7-3/4"  blade length  3-3/8" blade
steel  8CR13MOV         weight - 4oz
blade thickness 1/8"   handle material  G-10
This is one of Spyderco's most popular knives for
good reason - it's well designed, built & reasonably
priced. The full flat grind make sharpening a breeze.
The Black Diamond Gizmo is an at-the-ready headlamp with
three SinglePower LEDs emitting 24 lumens for go-anywhere
lighting. It has on/off/strobe modes plus a dimming function,
and automatically powers off after four hours to save batteries.

•3 SinglePower LEDs offer compact, go-everywhere lighting at
24 lumens (max setting)
•Ultra compact batteries-in-the-front design uses 2 AAA
•Settings include full strength, dimming and strobe
•Protected against splashing or sprayed water from any angle
These are the perfect solution for those easy-to-lose,
hard-to-carry things - whether essential or just for fun
- and is a super-strong, portable multi-purpose container.
Compact, lightweight and secure - Keep2go allows you to
safely and comfortably carry anything from your
personal first aid kit to your everyday knick-knacks
when on the go.
These tubes are food safe and will also hold liquids and
are sized so you could use them to carry liquids on the
airlines; they are all under the TSA's 3 ounce maximum.
Throw your registration, insurance, weed & $20 in it for
safe keeping!
4Sevens warrants its products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. We will repair or replace, at our option,
without charge, any product or part which is found to be defective under normal use and service within 120 months from the
date of purchase with proof of purchase. Such repair or replacement shall be the purchaser's sole and exclusive remedy under this
warranty. This warranty does not cover normal maintenance and service and does not apply to any products or parts which have
been subject to modification, misuse, abuse, negligence, accident, or improper maintenance or repair by anyone other than 4Sevens.    
   designed in the USA!   
I have looked at over 15 flashlight manufacturers and I will tell you this is my
favorite of all of bullshit.
The Black Diamond Spot powers through the darkness, whether you're trail finding during an alpine start or
hunting for rap anchors at midnight. Incredibly adaptable and super bright with 75 lumens at max setting, this
compact powerhouse has a mode customizable to any fast-paced activity, from distance to dimming to strobe. Red
SinglePower LEDs provide proximity lighting without cycling through the white mode, so you won't accidentally
compromise night vision. A lock mode prevents accidental battery drain in your pack or while stored, and a 3-
level power meter means you'll never be caught with a dead headlamp hours from camp.

•1 DoublePower LED, 2 SinglePower white LEDs and 2 SinglePower red LEDs emit 75 lumens (max setting)
•Red night vision mode has proximity and strobe settings, and activates without cycling through the white mode
•Sleek, low profile design uses 3 AAA batteries
•Settings include full strength in proximity and distance modes, dimming, strobe, red night vision and lockout
•Three-level power meter shows remaining battery life for 3 seconds after switching on headlamp
•Protected against splashing or sprayed water from any angle
Designed for ounce-conscious backpackers, climbers and travelers, the Black Diamond Orbit lantern packs 45
lumens of bright, non-glaring light in an ultra-portable package. A DoublePower LED works with our dual
reflector system and frosted globe to illuminate everything from tent-bound reading to pre-dawn racking. The
unique dimming switch provides the optimal amount of light and helps conserve batteries, while the collapsible,
double-hook hang loop attaches to tent ceilings and tree branches alike.

•DoublePower LED with 45 lumens (max setting) enclosed inside a frosted globe produces bright, non-glaring
•Dual reflector system captures and maximizes light output
•Runs on NRG2 Rechargeable Battery Kit (sold separately) or 4 AAA alkalines
•Unique dimming switch provides adjustable brightness
•Compactible to 4 in; extended height is 5.5 in

After Hours Choppers is on the way to being your one stop shop for road trip gear as well
as cool chopper parts. This is my offering that covers many vices, from gear junkies to
long distance riders to dudes that just need some good
EDC (every day carry) items that
can really come in handy when you're on the road. Whether it be for the weekend trip to
the lake or a month traveling the country, it's nice to have good equipment that doesn't
break the bank but is there to make the best of both a great trip or totally fucked
situations. I've had the bug for years and I'll carry different things now & again, but all
tried and true items.
On this page is a small gathering of whatnots that I really dig. Everything here has my
personal stamp of approval and will serve you well when you need it to....I guaranfuckintee
it. Is there better stuff out there?...maybe, but if I wouldn't carry it on an indefinite road
trip I wouldn't put it on this page.
What's my favorite part of this? . . . having a reason to test gear for the rest of my life!
*     *     *     *     *     *     *
It's up to you to know your local knife laws and by purchasing from this site you are
stating that you are 18+ years of age.
I fucking LOVE this knife. Of course I kept one for myself - it's the best I have
ever seen, let alone owned. I showed the Benchmade rep and he had nothing to
compare it to, and they make great knives. I'll put this up against ANY folding
knife at ANY price. The distributor was sold out before they were even
released - I was lucky to have pre-ordered!
The hills of Europe, quite a place . . I can disappear for weeks, without a trace
On a hill, I spray hot lead . . 20 Nazi's, laying dead
It's a good job, I ride alone . . No fucking orders, just kill & roam
Some by bullet, some by knife . . some by grenade, just take the life
I don't love it, it must be done . . not by many, it's best by one
moving fast, don't stay too long . I've lost all site of what's right and wrong
I can't go home, my mind is set . . my shirt is stained, my hands are wet
Dripping with life, from another . . on opposite sides but he was my brother
He did the same as I have done,          killing many until one side has won